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PMI Pinnacle Awards

PMI Pinnacle Awards 2023

We were honoured to receive the Impact on Society Award for the Dormant Assets Scheme Expansion at last week’s PMI Pinnacle Awards.  

The Award is yet another milestone in a fantastic year for the Scheme and serves as a tribute to the whole dormant assets ecosystem whose efforts over many years are culminating in Scheme expansion.

The Award recognises how dormant assets change lives through social and environmental initiatives across the UK, which motivates us, and Scheme participants, every day, whilst protecting the rights of dormant asset holders to reclaim their money at any time.

Congratulations to all our fellow winners. It was fantastic to share the room with such innovative and dedicated individuals and organisations across the industry.

Press Contacts

For further information or interview, please contact:

Helen Boyd, Chief Operating Officer, Reclaim Fund Ltd
T: 01270 660363   M: 07775 602259