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About us

The Dormant Assets Scheme is operated by Reclaim Fund Ltd (‘RFL’). RFL has managed the Dormant Assets Scheme since its inception in 2011.


funds transferred


made available to good causes


RFL is a not-for-profit public body owned by HM Treasury, with the Government’s shareholder managed by UK Government Investments (UKGI). It operates as an independent legal entity, acting at arms-length from the Government within a strategic framework set by Ministers. It has a separate Board of Directors. RFL is FCA-regulated, with the rights of dormant asset holders guaranteed by the UK Government.

RFL is an arms-length body (ALB) which is a specific category of central Government public body. It has an entirely separate Executive Committee and Board of Directors which operate independently of Government.

RFL’s principal activity is the receipt and management of dormant asset monies. RFL is also permitted to invest funds and to defray administrative costs and other reasonable expenses. RFL is not taxpayer-funded and does not claim money from central Government.

Our purpose

We unlock the potential of dormant assets to enhance communities and enrich lives.


Our mission

We safeguard the rights of dormant asset holders while optimising the financial benefits for good causes.

Our values

We all have a personal role to play in meeting stakeholder expectations

We share our skills and expertise for a better outcome

We show respect to each other and all those whom we come into contact with

We try to do the right thing, all of the time

We embrace and celebrate change