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talent match

Merseyside Youth Association Talent Match


Merseyside Youth Association’s scheme 'Talent Match' helps young people gain access to qualifications and vital employability skills, increasing their confidence and helping them on the first step to a career and independence.    

Through dormant asset funding distributed via Youth Futures Foundation, over £4.2million will help 1,600 long-term unemployed 18-24-year-olds based in Liverpool City Region will benefit from a range of services, including specialised mental health support and bespoke employment guidance. 

Gill Bainbridge, CEO, Merseyside Youth Association said:  

Merseyside Youth Association and its partners are thrilled to receive investment from Youth Futures Foundation to support our Talent Match programme across Liverpool City Region. This funding will make a huge difference to the lives of some of the region’s most vulnerable and marginalised young people, and support them to develop the resilience, skills and motivation to overcome barriers and achieve."