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girl and guy with guitar

Heart & Sound

Heart & Sound is a youth work charity recording and media studio run by young volunteers aged 13-24.

Heart & Sound was formed in the Summer of 2014. Youth workers in Dunfermline noticed the amount of young people in the town who loved music and media, but had very few places to go that were affordable and understood young people. They started out in three tiny offices with a lot of sound proofing, a few cameras, a laptop and 2 microphones. Now thanks to two years of funding they rent an old pub and music venue full time with multiple studios, state of the art computer editing suites and live stages.

Heart & Sound’s young people are involved in every part of the journey, including leasing the pub, shopping for equipment, designing projects and deciding who is invited to record. Their Facebook live session videos have had over 100,000 views.

Some of the young people attending the studio have shaken off depression and anxiety, overcome drugs issues, gained employment and enrolled in college. They have experienced new things such as joining film crews, gigging, recording all over the UK and even meeting famous people in the music and film industry.

Every generation has a sound, whether for good or bad. We want to ensure that this generation has a voice and a platform and that they have the confidence to shine and grow in their own abilities”. – Steve Chalmers, Heart & Sound