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harry specters

Harry Specters


Harry Specters is a chocolate factory and social enterprise. Along with creating delicious artisan chocolates, they also provide work experience, employment opportunities and training to young autistic people. 

Access has so far received £83 million from the Dormant Assets Scheme. They have been able to use some of this money to support Harry Specters’ business growth, and ultimately provide more employment opportunities to autistic people, who have traditionally found it difficult to find employment.

Mona Shah, Founder and Managing Director, Harry Specters, says:

There’s 700,000 autistic people in the UK and of those less than 16% are in any kind of employment. Around 60% are on benefits and are desperate to work and able to work- but there are no opportunities for them. For our business, dormant assets have meant the world.  To date we have helped around 850 young autistic people in the right here in the UK. We have also created 31,000 hours of employment or 4,000 hours of work experience.”