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fair for you

Fair For You


Through Fair4All Finance, the Dormant Assets Scheme has been able to help organisations like community lender Fair For You, to provide a financial lifeline to those who need it most, offering financial education and affordable loans.

Fair For You provide fair, flexible and affordable loans for household essentials such as washing machines, fridge freezers and household furniture. £5million of dormant asset funding was committed to Fair For You, which hopes to offer a lifeline to those who are excluded from mainstream credit. 

Simon Dukes, CEO, Fair For You, says:

The Dormant Assets fund has been a lifeline for Fair For You. It was one of the first investments we received, it gave us the credibility to bring in new investment from social investors, and together that has provided us with a fund that we have used to lend to our customers.

There is a golden thread through the Dormant Assets fund to frontline of helping people at very low incomes."