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Day 1


Day1 is a youth mentoring program set up to provide a much needed support system for young people who are struggling to find direction in life.

The Day1 mentoring program helps these young people (Day1 ers) to become more focused and encourages them to unlock their potential, regain self-confidence and ultimately find them employment in an area they are passionate about.

Day1 purposely seeks to work with young people in this age range because there is a risk that in this transitional phase of development, poor decision-making may have a lasting negative effect on employability.

Throughout the year-long mentoring program, Day1 helps to find work experience for these young people, thus improving their employability and giving them an insight into the world of work which prevents them from falling into the NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

“I am a Day1 mentor because it is a good challenge – each young person is so different. I think the key to a successful mentoring relationship is consistency, weekly meetings, letting the young person know that you will be there for them, not taking yourself too seriously, and trying out different activities”
Derrick – Day1 Mentor

“What I liked most about having a mentor, was that it was pretty cool having someone there to keep you right.
I could relax with my mentor, as he wouldn’t pressurise me, and I think everyone needs that kind of mature friend in their lives – someone who I could ask advice from but not be lectured by.”
Azhar – Day1er and Day1 Mentor

Since 2006, 297 young people have graduated from the Day1 mentoring program.