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About us

Reclaim Fund Ltd makes it possible for money in dormant bank and building society accounts to be used to help good causes.

Reclaim Fund Ltd is ultimately owned by Co-operative Group Ltd via its financial services holding subsidiary Angel Square Investments Limited (formerly known as Co-operative Banking Group Limited). It is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, operates independently with an appointed Board and Executive, and is non-profit-making.

Our purpose

We unlock the potential of dormant assets to enhance communities and enrich lives.

Our mission

We safeguard the rights of dormant asset holders while optimising the financial benefits for good causes.

Our values

  • Integrity
    Honesty in everything we do
  • Collaboration
    Supporting each other by being stronger together
  • Responsibility
    Fulfilling our obligations, ensuring accountability
  • Agile
    Continually enhancing our knowledge and competence