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If you to know more about RFL and what we do, our most frequently asked questions are given below.

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The customer is entitled to full restitution as if the transfer had never taken place however, in this case the customer would not have the right to reclaim their holdings in shares or unit trusts in their original form. Instead, they would receive the cash equivalent to the value of those holdings at the time they were reclaimed. They would still be entitled to receive any income on those holdings that they would have received if their share or unit holding was still held on the register including any accrued interest and adjusted for any fees owed per the fund’s policies.

The government’s wishes are to ensure that FCA rules for paying away unclaimed assets and the Scheme operate in a similar way, allowing potential participants to choose between the two freely. As such, the government is keen to work with the FCA and RFL to ensure that both schemes continue to mirror each other in their approach to dormancy.