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Oomph! is an award-winning social enterprise dedicated to transforming the quality of life of older and vulnerable adults through exercise and activity provision. Oomph! provides training, support and services to empower anyone working with these groups to deliver a 360 degree approach to mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, proving our impact every step of the [...]

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Teens and Toddlers

Teens and Toddlers is a leading youth development charity that helps young people develop the essential life skills and self-confidence they need to succeed in school and beyond. The charity runs an educational programme aimed at young people who are disengaged or struggling at school in disadvantaged areas. School pupils (aged 13 to 17) develop [...]

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Day1 is a youth mentoring program set up to provide a much needed support system for young people who are struggling to find direction in life. The Day1 mentoring program helps these young people (Day1 ers) to become more focused and encourages them to unlock their potential, regain self-confidence and ultimately find them employment in [...]

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K10 are a London wide construction skills network, training apprentices and deploying them where and when they’re needed. Name: Syma Khatun Age: 36 Apprenticeship: Plumbing Borough: Hackney Syma was one of the first K10 apprentices, and to this day continues to be an ambassador and friend. She had always harbored a passion for DIY and [...]

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